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Activities To Stimulate Your Creativity

Activities To Stimulate Your Creativity

People celebrate New Year as it marks the start of a fresh new start, new hopeful resolutions, or new goals to accomplish. When it comes to a list of resolutions, you can start from the simplest thing, such as never skipping breakfast or being on time to work every single day. Some of you are probably thinking of making a major change, like moving into a new city for your study, or maybe one of your goals is to engage in more creative projects.

With the long list of stuff that you want to achieve, keeping your creative juices flowing becomes so important as it helps you navigate through the different tasks that you’re faced with each day. Scroll through and you’ll uncover 5 activities to stimulate your creativity!


Exercises are not only good for your physical wellbeing. It helps you maintain your mental health too by combating mental fog. It’s understandably so, as exercise helps you break free from one set of thought patterns and even help enhance your cognitive processing. 


Working with other people surely is a fun way to stimulate your creativity. It’s a way to expose yourself to different thinking and ideas. Collaborate through brainstorming sessions involving 3 or more people, and you’ll be sure to come out with new perspectives on some topics.

Use Six Thinking Hats Technique

This tool was invented by a psychologist named Edward de Bono in 1985, and it has been widely used for problem solving exercises. The Six Thinking Hats divides ideas into six areas of focus, and it works well for when you’re approaching a new project with your team. 

Create with your hands

Engage yourself in projects that require you to create something by hand. This kind of activity requires multiple senses at once which consequently will stimulate your creative thinking. Start with making DIY crafts or even as simple as writing by hand.

Try something new

Trying something that is out of your habit lets you think of new creative ways of doing something. Just like doing exercises, it sets you free from one set of thoughts. This can be as simple as trying out new recipes or going down a different route to school.

Now you’re all set to sail through the year. We wish you a great year ahead. Remember to believe in yourself and have fun along the way! Want to accomplish more this year? Join us at now!