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Exam 101: How To Study Effectively

Exam 101: How To Study Effectively

Exam week is just around the corner! Does it mean that you need to put an all-nighter to prepare yourself for the upcoming exam? Well, you don’t need to if you study effectively. Here are a few tips to make studying a fun experience while still maintaining its effectiveness!


Know Yourself

Yes, you’ve heard it right. Know yourself and know which learning style suits you best. To get you started, there are four basic learning styles: visual, aural, verbal, and physical.  


Visual learners would prefer using pictures or images whereas aural learners would rely on sound or music. Verbal learners prefer using words while physical learners benefit greatly from using their sense of touch. These categories don’t mean to box you in only one category. You can combine two or even three learning styles. The point is, you need to know and understand yourself first.


Organize your Space

This tip may sound trivial, but when your working space is neat and clean, you will be able to focus better on your study. You won’t be distracted by a stack of used paper or scattered items on your desk. Simply put, you’ll feel comfortable sitting, even for hours.


Schedule your Study Time

Studying may feel like going down a long route because sometimes it takes hours. To tackle this situation, create a well-planned schedule! Divide your study time into a few different sessions; reading, doing exercises, going through past paper, final review, etc. Not only will this method work effectively, having varied sessions will keep you away from getting bored.


Take Regular Breaks

Reward yourself with regular breaks! You can implement the Pomodoro technique by studying for 25 minutes straight before taking a 5-minute break. In short, it’s important to let your brain rest for a while.


Study in Groups

Studying with a couple of friends can be a fun alternative to studying on your own. When done right, this method can help you learn faster. First, you can ask your friend about the topic that you haven’t quite understood. Second, you can teach your friend, and teaching means recalling what you have studied. It surely is a great way to memorize all the materials that you’ve gone through.


Recall and Review

Now that you’ve taken in so much information of different topics, you want to make sure that you understand and remember them well. Do some exercises and go through past papers to help you recall those topics. If you want to go the extra mile, take notes of how much time you require to finish a past paper. This will give you an overview of your current performance.


We wish you the best of luck on your exam!


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