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Calling All Students Who Wish To Study Abroad! These Are 5 Top Cities For You To Consider.

Calling All Students Who Wish To Study Abroad! These Are 5 Top Cities For You To Consider.

The idea of studying abroad is great for many reasons. As a student, you’ll have the chance to dive into plenty of new experiences by moving to a different country. You’ll make new friends, you’ll speak a foreign language, you’ll live in a new neighborhood, and last but not least, you’ll most probably live on your own.

Yes, living on your own may sound a bit intimidating. You should weigh all the pros and cons before deciding on which university or city to go to. Luckily, QS Universities has rounded up 10 Best Cities for Students, and we’ll go through 5 out of those 10 cities. You may or may not take this list for consideration. Either way, we’re sure you’ll uncover a handful of opportunities by studying abroad!


This French-speaking city in Canada is home to a few reputable institutions, one of it being McGill University. Its diversity and affordability helped Montreal climb up the ladder and topped other cities in the category. Known as “cultural capital”, it’s no surprise that Montreal also ranks highly in terms of arts and culture.


Paris is not always about its iconic Eiffel Tower. In fact, this city houses many internationally recognized universities, such as Ecole Polytechnique and HEC Paris. Despite its high living cost, Paris is also known for its low tuition costs. When it comes to city life, this capital of France will not disappoint. You can always treat yourself with a museum visit and indulge in its scrumptious local cuisine after a busy week at college.


While London is not a cheap city to live in, this beautiful city boasts a number of world-class universities. Apply to Imperial College of London if you’re interested in engineering programs or look into University College London with its wide range of faculties. Despite its steep rental cost, this city is supported with affordable transport network and traveling on foot is a great option too—cutting living cost is still possible.


Seoul is the only city in Asia that made it to Top 5, and it is with good reasons. First, this capital of South Korea is filled with reputable universities, one of which is Seoul National University. Second, it has a lively atmosphere that makes it perfect for students who enjoy dynamic settings. Third, it has natural landscapes too, offering you a short occasional escape from the bustling city life.


This city in Down Under is known for its international communities. This point alone already makes it an interesting option for students across the globe. In addition to its various city attractions, Melbourne is home to the reputable University of Melbourne and Australian National University. When it comes to fees and living costs, this city may be on the high side, but it offers a well-rounded quality of life.

Above it all, it’s equally important that you’re going for the major that is aligned with your passion. To those of you who are applying soon, take notes of what standardized tests are required in the admission process and make sure you're well-prepared for the tests! Wait, what do you mean you're not ready? Head over to and book a tutor to help you ace those tests!